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Embrace the Charm of the Southwest!

Willcox Wine Country is a consortium of Arizona Farm Wineries located in the Willcox area in the southeastern corner of Arizona. We invite you to visit our tasting rooms and enjoy our locally grown and produced wines.

The Willcox wine growing region of southeast Arizona grows 74% of Arizona’s wine grapes. This area is also recognized as unique and distinctive in the United States, so much so that it was recently granted AVA status (American Viticultural Area).

People often ask, why is this area so good for growing wine grapes and making wine? Three things: Elevation, climate, and soil. Vineyards in this region are typically at 4200 feet elevation and above. That elevation gets the vineyards out of the low desert heat. Summer days are warm and nights are cool, and that wide shift in daily temperatures imparts flavor to the grapes. Then the Arizona summer/fall monsoons introduce a unique twist to the growing season. And finally, the soils are generally rich alluvial and volcanic mixtures from the surrounding mountains.

Put all together, it means the wines produced in the Willcox region carry their own unique Arizona signature and stand among wines made anywhere in the world. We hope to see you soon!

Images courtesy of Mike Barnacastle.

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