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Passport | Poker Run This Weekend

Will you have the winning hand? There are plenty of stops to get a card including our participating wineries, plus [...]

October 12th, 2020|

Willcox Wine Festival Update

We know many of you have inquired about the October Wine Festival (Oct. 17/18). We wanted to wait until we [...]

September 15th, 2020|

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Willcox Wine Country Bundle

The Willcox Wine Country Bundle

Just $75 – Includes (scroll down for individual ticket links):

  • 1 Willcox Wine Country Passport
    1 Ticket to the May Festival
  • 1 Ticket to Your Choice of Promotion Events
  • 1 Premium Wine Glass – Pickup at the Spring Festival
  • 30 Tasting Tickets – You will be issued 10 tickets at each of the three events

Once you purchase the bundle and payment is verified, an email will be sent to you with instructions within 48 hours.

The passport is a web based app that you will be given instruction on how to register.

The festival ticket will come from

The event ticket will come from either or depending on the event your sign up for. The four events are:

April 10-11 Bud Break Electronic Scratcher Game
July 24-25 Veraison Poker Run
September 25-26 Harvest Wineopoly
December 11-12 Winemaking Scavenger Hunt


To purchase the bundle:

Bud Break Promotion (April 10 & 11) – $35 includes 10 – $1 gift certificates and entry into our scratcher promotion.

If you wish to purchase our Bud Break Promotion tickets only:

This will be a fun event. Tour the tasting rooms, wineries and vineyards. Use our app to answer questions and win prizes from our special event sponsor – The Rex Allen Museum. Prizes will include wine, hotel stays, dinners at local restaurants and much more. This is a great chance to learn more about our vineyards as we celebrate the annual bud breaks in the vineyard – a very critical part of the growing cycle for grapes!

Spring Festival (May 15 & 16) – $35 includes 10 tasting tickets

If you wish to purchase festival tickets only:

The spring festival will be a throw back to 2017. Smaller in scale with a few less vendors. We are working with the city and state to ensure we have a safe event. Tents will be spread out more. We are only letting a set number of guests in per hour.

We will not be giving glass glasses out with each purchase. You can purchase one when you get your ticket. All wineries will have plastic disposable cups for sampling and wine by the glass. There will be quite a few hand washing and sanitation stations throughout the festival.


The Results Are In…..

Willcox Wine Country continues to be the premier wine growing and making region in Arizona. The recent San Fransisco Chronicle Wine Competition Results were release last week and Willcox AVA scored very well winning several Best of Class, Double and Single Gold Medals. Below is a list of the winners with grapes grown and wine make in Willcox.:


Callaghan Vineyards AZ White Dessert/Late Harvest – RS >3.5 2015 Willcox Amor Fati Malvasia Bianca Dessert Wine $20.00 Bronze
Chateau Tumbleweed AZ Mourvedre 2018 Willcox Cimarron Vineyard Mourvedre $32.00 Gold
Chateau Tumbleweed AZ Tempranillo – $40 and Over 2018 Willcox Cimarron Vineyard Tempranillo $40.00 Gold
Chateau Tumbleweed AZ Red Blend: Grenache leading blend – Up to – $29.99 2018 Willcox Willy $28.00 Gold
Chateau Tumbleweed AZ Grenache Blanc 2019 Willcox Sierra Bonita Vineyard Grenache Blanc $28.00 Silver
Chateau Tumbleweed AZ Malbec – $37.00 and Over 2018 Willcox Deep Sky Vineyard Malbec $38.00 Silver
Golden Rule Vineyards AZ Red Blend: Syrah leading blend – Up to – $35.99 2017 Willcox Commonwealth $35.00 Best of Class
Golden Rule Vineyards AZ Petite Sirah – $27.00 – $35.99 2017 Willcox Petite Sirah $35.00 Double Gold
Heart Wood Cellars AZ Red Blend: Petite Sirah leading blend 2018 Willcox Love $44.00 Bronze
Heart Wood Cellars AZ Merlot – $31.00 – $39.99 2018 Willcox Merlot $36.00 Gold
Heart Wood Cellars AZ Red Blend: Merlot leading blend – $30.00 and Over 2018 Willcox Heart $46.00 Gold
Heart Wood Cellars AZ Port – $33.00 and Over NV Willcox Private Reserve Ruby $46.00 Gold
Heart Wood Cellars AZ All Other Red Varietals 2018 Willcox Reserve Graciano $54.00 Gold
Heart Wood Cellars AZ Cab Sauv – $35.00 – $38.99 2018 Willcox Cabernet Sauvignon $38.00 Gold
Heart Wood Cellars AZ Mourvedre 2018 Willcox Mourvedre $38.00 Silver
Heart Wood Cellars AZ Syrah/Shiraz – $40.00 – $43.99 2018 Willcox Syrah $40.00 Silver
Heart Wood Cellars AZ Port – $33.00 and Over NV Willcox Romance $40.00 Silver
Heart Wood Cellars AZ Port – $33.00 and Over 2018 Willcox Reserve Diamond $40.00 Silver
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Malvasia Bianca 2019 Willcox Bonnie Lee Malvasia $35.00 Best of Class
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ White Blends – $28.00 and Over 2019 Willcox Roan White $35.00 Bronze
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Mourvedre 2018 Willcox Estate Reserve Mourvedre $42.00 Double Gold
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Grenache – $35.00 and Over 2018 Willcox Reserve Grenache $42.00 Double Gold
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Chardonnay – $33.00 – $35.99 2019 Willcox Chardonnay $35.00 Gold
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Syrah/Shiraz – $44.00 and Over 2018 Willcox Romero s Syrah $45.00 Gold
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Petite Sirah – $46.00 and Over 2018 Willcox Reserve Petite Sirah $55.00 Gold
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Red Blend: Syrah leading blend – $36.00 and Over 2018 Willcox Diva $45.00 Silver
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Red Dessert – RS >3.5 2017 Willcox Late Harvest Infatuated Estate $45.00 Silver
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Red Blend: Grenache leading blend – $30.00 and Over 2018 Willcox Roan Red $35.00 Silver
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Dry Rose/Blush Blend – RS 0 2019 Willcox Estate Rose One Night Stand $25.00 Silver
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Red Blend: Grenache leading blend – Up to – $29.99 2018 Willcox WildChild Red $25.00 Silver
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Other White Varietals 2019 Willcox Inappropriate Symphony $28.00 Silver
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Viognier – $27.00 and Over 2019 Willcox Viognier $35.00 Silver
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ White Blends – $22.00 to $27.99 2019 Willcox WildChild White $25.00 Silver
Pillsbury Wine Company AZ Syrah/Shiraz – $44.00 and Over 2018 Willcox Guns and Kisses Shiraz $72.00 Silver
Zarpara AZ Syrah/Shiraz – $27.00 – $29.99 2016 Willcox Syrah $28.00 Silver
Zarpara AZ Red Blend: Mourvedre leading blend 2018 Willcox Origen $22.00 Silver

Just east of the Willcox AVA is Copper Horse.

Copper Horse Vineyard AZ Mourvedre 2018 Cochise County Mourvedre $35.00 Double Gold
Copper Horse Vineyard AZ Viognier – Up to – $26.99 2018 Cochise County Viognier $25.00 Gold

Bodega Pierce Recognized as Hot Brand


Bodega Pierce 2018 Chardonnay: Family Winery Finds Success and Happiness in Arizona Wine

Hot Brands 2020

by Erin Kirschenmann
February 24, 2021

Ask the Pierce family of Willcox, AZ what wine means to them, and you’ll hear that wine shouldn’t be too serious. Even on the days you have to harvest and truck the grapes across the state at midnight just to skip the Phoenix traffic, wine is something to be enjoyed.The adage, “Find something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” rings true for the founders of Bodega Pierce, a family who pursued a hobby and turned it into a thriving business. Founded in 2010, Bodega Pierce now boasts two brands (Bodega Pierce and Saeculum), a winery and tasting room space and an enthusiastic wine club.

Read More At:

2021 Willcox Wine Country Passport

The 2021 Willcox Wine Country Passport is Here!

We are excited to announce our first ever Willcox Wine Country Passport!

This is your pass to exclusive discounts, invitations and specials at one of our participating wineries! Currently there are 12 wineries participating with monthly promotions and 2 others that will have a couple of featured vineyard activities throughout the year.

In addition to the wineries’ promotions and events, Willcox Wine Country has six “Signature” events planned for 2021. They are:

April – Bud Break Electronic Scratcher Game: Reg. Price $35 | Passport Price $25
May – Spring Festival: Reg. Price $25-$35 | Passport Price $15-$25
July – Veraison Poker Run: Reg. Price $35 | Passport Price $25
Sept – Harvest Wineopoly: Reg. Price $35 | Passport Price $25
Oct. – Fall Festival: : Reg. Price $25-$35 | Passport Price $15-$25
Dec. – Winemaking Scavenger Hunt: Reg. Price $35 | Passport Price $25

The passport will be run digitally from your phone and/or computer. You will be able to visit and check-in at the wineries and your passport will be stamped! You will be able to see your collection of stamps from your passport.

Each winery participating will have a schedule of events for the whole year for you to plan your trips to Willcox! There are over 125 promotions listed in the passport. In addition to these promotions, passport holders will receive:

  • 10 – $1.00 gift certificates redeemable at any of the participating wineries
  • $10 off per person at our signature events

To add some more fun and excitement, passport holders who visit and check-in at the most wineries throughout the year will be eligible for additional prizes in January of 2022. These prizes include an invitation to a private winemakers dinner, bottles of wine, hotel nights, restaurant gift certificates and more!

The Passport is $40 Per Person

Here are some links to our Instructional Videos (Written instructions below)

Registration Video

How to Re-Enter Your Passport

Passport Navigation



When you sign up:

  1. You will sign-up for the WWC Passport with an Email Address that you can access on your computer, phone or any other device of your choice. Please make note of this Email Address as it will be the Email Address that you will always use when prompted to get back into the WWC Passport.   If you lose record of this Email Address, you will need to contact us at to work out any issues. Important NOTE – Do not sign-up with a different Email Address in the future because we will not be able to merge your Passport Stamps with more than 1 Email Address.
  2. Once you enter your Email Address and press the Submit button, you will be sent a unique Website Link to your Email Address.  Please click on this Website Link and this will start the WWC Passport registration process.
  3. In the next step, you will need to minimally fill out your First Name and Last Name and place a Check Mark in the box that indicates that you would like to continue to register for the WWC Passport.  When finished, press the Submit button.
  4. On the Next Page, you will be given the option to Pay for the WWC Passport (clicking this button will open another tab and take you to our Square credit card payment system — ** Please purchase ONLY 1 passport per entry as there is a unique registration Website Link sent for each person’s WWC Passport).  Once you have successfully made your payment, you will then Click on your initial WWC Passport registration tab to place a Check Mark in the box to confirm that you have indeed PAID for your WWC Passport. You will then press the Continue button for the final step of registration.
  5. Please fill in your phone number (used only if we need to contact you about any issues) and place a Check Mark in the box indicating you are 21 years and older — also place a Check Mark to Opt-In to our Email list (based upon your choice this will enter you into our system to receive special promotional emails in the future). Once you have paid and registered, you will be automatically sent to the WWC Passport Home Page.  You will notice various participating winery icons and additional navigation options indicated by the three dots in the top right corner of the WWC Passport Home Page.
  6. We recommend you Bookmark the WWC Passport in your browser and star/save the email link that is sent to you.  Both methods will take you back to your WWC Passport.
  7. Additionally, you can always return to your WWC Passport through our Website located at (we also recommend that you Bookmark this page for future reference).  You will then scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the RE-ENTER YOUR PASSPORT button. When you click on this button, you will be directed to enter an Email Address (NOTE: This must be the same Email Address used when you originally registered for the WWC Passport). Once this is done, a Website Link will be sent to your Email Address which will allow re-entry to your WWC Passport.  (if you are prompted to Register for the WWC Passport, this indicates you have entered a different Email Address than what you entered from your initial registration and we recommend you  contact us at to get your issues resolved.)
  8. As final reminder, you can follow steps 6 and 7 above to access your WWC Passport on any of your devices such as phone, computer or tablet.
  9. In order to receive a Passport Stamp by visiting any participating winery and/or events – you will need to visit a tasting room associate on the premises and have the WWC Passport Home Page open on your phone in order to Check-In. You will follow further instructions from the tasting room associate.
  10. To obtain a Passport Stamp, you may Check-In ONCE per Dated Promotion listed on the Calendar of Events for a participating winery and/or event. This One-Time Check-In is only valid whether it is listed as a 1-day promotion, 2-day promotion or a month-long promotion.  Please remember there is only ONE Passport Stamp that will be issued for these events or promotions.
  11. You can pick up your Gift Certificates at Keeling Schaefer Vineyards Tasting Room at 154 N Railroad Ave, Willcox, AZ 85643. You will use a similar method mentioned in Step 9 to Check-In for your Gift Certificates using the bottom right Gift Certificate icon.

Throughout the 2021 Calendar Year, please refer to the Calendar Events for each participating winery to view which Event(s) a particular winery is hosting.  We will also have a listing of our WWC Signature Events as well (this listing can be found by clicking on the Signature Events icon at the bottom of the WWC Passport Home Page or by clicking the WWC logo). We are also working with local businesses that will be offering specials and discounts (these can be found on the WWC Passport Home Page by clicking the three dots in the top right corner and clicking the respective link)

Help us make 2021 the best year ever and help us make Willcox Wine Country the premier wine region in Arizona and the Southwest.

Re-enter Your Passport
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Copper Horse Vineyard – Holiday Season

The Holiday village is up and has lights at the Commercial Building downtown old Willcox, tasting room for CHV, GRV, & soon Strive…come and see it.

The tradition of the Holiday Village started last year in the Commercial Building (180 N Railroad Avenue in Willcox) soon after the Tasting Room for Golden Rules Vineyard and Copper Horse Vineyard opened.

But the tradition of the Holiday Village started over 20 years ago in Seattle, WA, at the residence of Eric & Gina Desfachelles, owners of Copper Horse Vineyard. It started small around the Christmas Tree and grew slowly, one building at a time every year.

It is now a full village with very detailed buildings and people, and there is now a mountain side, a country side and a shore side in addition.

You can see people playing pool in the Billiard building, and further a Cop calling Animal Control while a lost dog pees on his leg. A Lady is walking by the Restaurant/Bar/Hotel waiti  ng for the love of her life, or just for the night? In the mountain a skier is looking at his friend who fell from a cliff, or did he? There are many other situations and characters on display.

It is on display every day from Wednesday to Sunday, when Golden Rule Vineyard is open.

Copper Horse Vineyard is there only on Saturday though!

If you can find the winery in the Holiday Village, we’ll give an extra 10% off your purchase, so come and look for it.

If I’m not there, take a picture of it and send it to me and I’ll send you a coupon for 10% extra.

(Valid only with Copper Horse Vineyard wines and until the end of the year)

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