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Bob Lynch Wine Dinner

Once upon a time, in 2006, the Arizona Department of Liquor Licensing and Control sent notice to all wineries (there were about a dozen at the time) letting us know that sale directly to consumers was prohibited and that the use of a wholesaler was the only legal way for our wines to find a market. Enter Robert Lynch, esquire. Bob, a great lover of wine and champion of the Arizona Wine Industry, led a scant few winery owners in taking on the state of Arizona and the large middleman interests that sought to hold down the progress of free trade and the growth of our craft industry. A true legal bulldog, Bob crafted and pushed through the bill securing the sales rights that fostered the tenfold-plus growth in our industry that has since occurred. Without this great man none of us would enjoy the prosperity we are blessed with today. He is truly one of the great fathers of Arizona wine.
To say THANK YOU to the late Bob Lynch, please join Rod Keeling, Eric Glomski and Sam Pillsbury for a special Arizona Wine evening in Phoenix! Saturday, May 13th, 6-8PM at the University Club on Monte Vista Road across from the Heard Museum.
Tickets and Info:
Wine selections from all three wineries, great food, wine sales and a special Keeling Schaefer/Page Springs/Pillsbury Rhone blend from wines Eric, Sam and I blended in honor of Bob Lynch and his contribution to Arizona Wine!

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