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Copper Horse Vineyard – Holiday Season

The Holiday village is up and has lights at the Commercial Building downtown old Willcox, tasting room for CHV, GRV, & soon Strive…come and see it.

The tradition of the Holiday Village started last year in the Commercial Building (180 N Railroad Avenue in Willcox) soon after the Tasting Room for Golden Rules Vineyard and Copper Horse Vineyard opened.

But the tradition of the Holiday Village started over 20 years ago in Seattle, WA, at the residence of Eric & Gina Desfachelles, owners of Copper Horse Vineyard. It started small around the Christmas Tree and grew slowly, one building at a time every year.

It is now a full village with very detailed buildings and people, and there is now a mountain side, a country side and a shore side in addition.

You can see people playing pool in the Billiard building, and further a Cop calling Animal Control while a lost dog pees on his leg. A Lady is walking by the Restaurant/Bar/Hotel waiti  ng for the love of her life, or just for the night? In the mountain a skier is looking at his friend who fell from a cliff, or did he? There are many other situations and characters on display.

It is on display every day from Wednesday to Sunday, when Golden Rule Vineyard is open.

Copper Horse Vineyard is there only on Saturday though!

If you can find the winery in the Holiday Village, we’ll give an extra 10% off your purchase, so come and look for it.

If I’m not there, take a picture of it and send it to me and I’ll send you a coupon for 10% extra.

(Valid only with Copper Horse Vineyard wines and until the end of the year)

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