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DA Vines – Da 9 Sisters

36% Pinot Gris, 28% Malvasia Bianca, 11% Grenache Blanc, 8% Muscat, 6% Riesling, 5% Viognier, 3% Pinot Noir, 2% Gewürztraminer, 1% Chardonnay Floral, clean fruit with soft finish

Birds and Barrels – Syrah Rose’

100% Syrah with a crazy fuchsia color and even crazier flavor! Mouth watering and refreshing with flavors of tart raspberry and red currant. This wine has a luscious mid-pallet and…

Birds and Barrels – Vino-Bianco

A dry white wine blend crafted from estate grown Riesling and Chardonnay grapes. Medium straw color, hints of dried apricots and tropical fruit with a light citrus finish. Very approachable…

Coronado Vineyards – Conquistador Red

Our Conquistador Red is our playful red blend that displays the fun side of Coronado Vineyards. Notes of sugared raspberries, honey, watermelon, and spice blend well into our sweet red….

Test Carlson Creek

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